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General Specification


Designs/Features : Bolted bonnet, Forged and Cast, Screwed and Bolted Bonnet,
flexible and solid wedge designs.
Disc & swing style checks. Poppet disc type. Wafer pattern, dual plate.
Quick opening Globe


Design Specs : Steam, gas, Liquid service, Petro-chem, cryogenic.


Connections : Flanged, ANSI 150 -2500, Screwed NPT/BSP, Butt or Socket Weld.
Class 800


Sizes : Gate – 15mm to 900mm

Approvals : Shell MESC, BS.1873, BS.1414, API.600, NACE, API594, API602


Material Options

Body – Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Bronze, Cast Iron, Alloy steels

Trim – Stainless steel, 13% chrome, Stellite 6, Bronze


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