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Direct acting and pilot operated designed valves for use on liquids, gases and steam applications.
Sizes from 15mm to 200mm and 0.5-30 Bar g range (Type and manufacturer dependant).


Soft and metal seat options available, flanged or screwed connections, available in carbon steel,
stainless steel or SG Iron. High reduction ratios of 20:1, high CV capability and low pressure control features.


High performance pressure and flow control components for the gas industry.
Pressure regulators up to 1000 Bar g. Back pressure regulators operating between 0.5 – 690 Bar g.
High and low pressure dome loaded regulators.
Wide range of materials , Ultra high purity and BAM approved.





Available up to 40mm screwed and 150mm flanged for both heating and cooling applications.
Bodies in Bronze or cast iron. Wide range of temperatures from 150°C to 1200°C,
self contained no external power source required.


Combination valves which allow pressure, temperature and on/off capability with one valve.
Ideal for steam application this valve combines pressure reducing,
solenoid pilot valves and temperature regulating pilot valves.


Temperature regulators designed to control the output temperature on a wide range of applications
such as : storage tank heaters, open tank heating coils, air heater units, engine and compressor cooling systems.
Valve sizes and connections : 15mm to 50mm with screwed end connections.

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