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Design : Globe , Angle, three way, cryogenic.
Y pattern.  Bellows seal


Connections : ANSI 150 to 2500, Screwed NPT, BSP or Socket weld
Sizes : 15mm to 900mm



Stainless steel. Carbon steel, Aluminium


Trim : Single and Multi stage, MLT, soft seat, Stellite 6, Balanced and unbalanced.
Trickle trim, linear, equal percentage and semi throttle


Applications : Severe service duty, ultra high purity,
cold box valves, fugitive emission control


Control Options : Cylinder or diaphragm pneumatic, hydraulic and electric,
4-20 mA positioner, digital controlers






BALL VALVES (V Port & Segmented)
Body design : Flanged & wafer designs


End connections : ANSI 150 to 300
Sizes : 15mm to 700mm



Carbon steel, stainless steel 2324, Hastelloy, Titanium


Trim : 316, PTFE, Delrin, Flurofill, PEEK, Graphite, stellite

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