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DeZURIK Eccentric Plug Valves feature a rectangular port design which provides wide tolerance seating geometry for lasting superior shutoff. The eccentric plug action and resilient plug facings assure lasting dead-tight shutoff. Standard features include corrosion-resistant bearings, welded nickel seat, grit excluders, and adjustable stem seal packing. Port area options include 100% of standard pipe area for applications where highest flow is required (such as pumped systems), and 70/80% area for non-pumped (gravity feed) systems. The straight-through body design maximizes flow capacity and reduces head loss. Flanged or mechanical joint end connections are available. Eccentric Plug Valves are capable of handling clean and dirty liquids and gases, sludge and slurries. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS



DeZURIK AWWA Butterfly Valves meet the requirements of AWWA C504 and C516 standards. They are used for shutoff on clean water and gases. Offset disc design, corrosion resistant shaft, stainless steel disc edge, and self-compensating shaft seals are features on all DeZURIK AWWA valves. Molded-in body seat with disc locators provides positive sealing and longer seat life on sizes 3-20” (80-500mm). Large valves, 24-144” (600-3600mm), feature adjustable, replaceable seat, non-hollow disc structure, and rubber seat retained within a dovetail groove in the valve body and locked in place by an epoxy wedge. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS



DeZURIK V-Port Ball Valves are quarter-turn control ball valves for accurate throttling control of fibrous suspension applications as well as clean, dirty, viscous, and corrosive liquids and gases. They are designed to meet the highest industry standards for dynamic performance.

Flanged or flangeless designs meet ANSI or ISA face-to-face dimensions. V-Port Ball Valve design features include blow-out proof shaft protection, high flow capacity, splined ball-to-shaft connection for ease of maintenance and zero backlash. Seat options include flexible metal, rigid metal and PTFE seats. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS



DeZURIK Extended Service Life Cast Knife Gate Valves (KGC-ES) are designed for improved sealing, extended packing life and reduced maintenance in the toughest corrosive, abrasive liquid slurry or dry material applications including: Pulp and Paper, Mining, Waste Water, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power, Steel, Food Processing and other Industries.


DeZURIK 2-24″ KGC Knife Gate Valves conform to the requirements for design and production testing of AWWA C 520-10, First Edition.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS



The APCO ASU Combination Air Valve introduces an innovative concept in air valve technology. Backed by years of field experience on tough applications, the ASU valve has demonstrated improved performance, reduced maintenance and lower cost for overall reliability on sewage and dirty service applications.  The unique venting design provides varied and predictable air flow over a wide range of air release and air/vacuum conditions. A large diameter Air/Vacuum Disc provides high volume air flow for rapid venting during pipeline filling and allows high volumes of air to enter the pipeline during draining. During normal pipeline flow conditions, the dual-range air release design prevents air build up and resultant flow restrictions under changing conditions and through the full flow range. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS



APCO Swing Check Valves (CVS-6000/6000A & CVS-250/250A) are used to prevent the back flow of fluid by closing before flow reversal, thereby preventing slam and water hammer. APCO Swing Check Valves have been successfully installed in clean and dirty applications including sewage treatment, water treatment, water distribution, industrial water and wastewater services.

APCO Swing Check Valves are constructed with a heavy cast or ductile iron body. The designs meet or exceed the current revision of AWWA standard C-508. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS


High-quality products and a team of experts make DeZurik a global leader in manufacturing water and waste-water treatment valves as well as valves for pulp and paper, chemical and petrochemical, mining and other process industries.


With over 250 years of combined history, DeZURIK are recognized worldwide for high-quality products, superior performance and innovation. From the introduction of the Eccentric Plug Valve in 1928 to the newest innovations in Knife Gate Valves, AWWA Butterfly Valves, V-Port Ball Valves, Check Valves and High Performance Butterfly Valves, they remain at the forefront of technology and provide effective solutions for clients worldwide.

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