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Process Saftey

Trapped Key Interlocks are simple, mechanical devices, which can be customized to implement a safe sequence of operation in any process activity. Smith Flow Control’s Process Management Systems provide effective protection to clients’ investments in plant and equipment as well as improving employee safety and reducing the risk of damage to the environment.



QL : Valve Interlocks for Lever operated Valves.
GL : Valve Interlocks for Gear Operated Valves
Actuated (MOV) Valves.   Key Cabinets





Send real-time valve position information to your DCS

VPI is a high-performance switch box for manual multiturn valves. It detects when valves have reached their open or closed position and sends a signal to your DCS. This valuable information about manual assets enriches your control system’s capabilities. It helps to further optimize your process performance, and prevents safety issues or product contamination caused by incorrect valve line-ups.

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